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Most of us wander through life not really knowing why we think the way we do and where all our negative thoughts that stop us achieving true happiness come from.  We understand the importance of physical fitness however, rarely pay attention to our mental fitness.


As a mental fitness coach I am passionate about helping you discover what gets in the way of you living a happy fulfilling life, reaching your goals and enabling you to find your own voice.  I will help you gain self-awareness and equip you with a mental fitness tool kit that you can pull out whenever the road gets a bit rocky. 

As a trainer I am passionate about helping us understand each other - just imagine what would the world look like if we had more understanding and patience with those around us. Because of my lived in experience I have a special interest in training and coaching around peri/menopause and neurodiversity.

As a wellbeing strategist, I use coaching and employee engagement tools to give real time feedback to the business. These 1:1's result in the employee feeling listened to and the employer having evidence-based data on what the teams’ thoughts and views are of the business and how this is affecting their wellbeing and productivity. This proven technique helps senior leaders plan future strategies and promotes a positive culture.

My Background

In my 35 years in business, I have worked in senior roles in the public, private and charity sectors. 

British Airways introduced the first ever 'Cultural Change' programme in the 90's.  I was recruited from crew to design, write and train the trainers for the wellbeing unit of this 3-day residential programme for 14,000 crew. The focus was on developing ways crew could look after their wellbeing in challenging environments.

Working in the national event industry with large teams, enabled me to hone my employee engagement and team building skills. I am passionate about building happy resilient teams. Work should be a secure environment where teams feel valued. I believe this can be achieved by increasing employee engagement, motivation and wellbeing.

I work as a mentor for the government initiative Help to Grow and I volunteer for two charities - MindSpace, as a wellbeing strategist and Yes Futures, as a school coach; this charity runs programmes designed to empower students to reach their full potential by boosting self-awareness, confidence, resilience and communication skills.

I am naturally caring and have high emotional intelligence coupled with strong team focus, business acumen and excellent communication skills. I am also a proud Dyslexic Thinker

I am an Animas qualified Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and the Association for Coaching. (Certificate here) I also completed a courses in Positive Intelligence (PQ) with Shirzad Chamine, a lecturer at Stanford University and trainer of the faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools and Neurodivergence in coaching.  I hold certificates in; COVID-19: Psychological First Aid (PHE) counselling (stage 1 & 2), mental health first aid and mental health advocacy in the workplace, conflict resolution, employee engagement (OU), safeguarding (Adults & Children), health safety & welfare. I have an enhanced DBS check and full insurance.





Why Redwood?

These beautiful Redwood trees (Giant Sequoia) are in our garden.  They were planted 120 years ago by an intrepid explorer from the village. They are considered to be a symbolism of wellness, safety, longevity, wisdom, and communication. 

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