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My Services

As a mental fitness coach I am passionate about helping you discover what gets in the way of you living a happy fulfilling life, reaching your goals and enabling you to find your own voice.  I will help you gain self-awareness and equip you with a mental fitness tool kit that you can pull out whenever the road gets a bit rocky.


I coach any age group and subject as I use person centred coaching which concentrates on the person not the issue.  Whatever your struggle is in life. I have a special interest in neurodivergence and the menopause and have developed toolkits to help with these.


In my years of coaching I have noticed reoccurring themes so have put together a few packages which may suit you. However, we can also design individual packages based on your needs and budget too!


Whatever you decide we will always start with a free session to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Working with Emma was like flipping a switch, understanding the sequence of events that started to corrode my confidence has given me the ability to step away and put some tools in place to reframe and get back to a more confident way of working. I'm pretty astounded on the change in how I feel so quickly and I am incredibly thankful to Emma for her time and patience in helping me address this.


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