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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

The benefits of physical fitness are well documented. However, considering 25% of us will have a mental illness in our lifetime, we often overlook our mental fitness. When you are mentally fit and self-aware you can meet life's challenges from a place of control.

My coaching journey began as a client. I'd had a difficult ending to a position a few years earlier which completely knocked my confidence. Looking back, I realise I lacked self-awareness.  In fact, I’d been wandering around on auto pilot most of my life!

Knowing who we are, what stops us achieving our goals (spoiler, it’s usually us!) and what makes us tick is vital for personal growth, strong relationships and career success. However, it is something we are remarkably unaware of most of our lives. As one client said 'Why don't we learn this stuff at school!'

Coaching is a reflective space. You are in the driving seat and I am a passenger with a map of questions and tools to help grow your self-awareness.  You determine the direction of travel.  We may go down dead ends, round roundabouts (a few times!) and down tricky sideroads but we will be moving forward.  

Coaching can be used for tangible goals - such as a career change or running a marathon, or intangible goals such as resilience building and confidence.  Because of the nature of coaching I coach all ages and all professions. I am currently coaching clients that are at school; on confidence, resilience, communication and self awareness as well as senior managers on challenging conversations and menopause!.


If you’re feeling lost or unsure about something, coaching can provide clarity, direction and focus. If you’re struggling to make a change coaching raises your self-awareness to enable you to find what is blocking you.

I studied Transformation Coaching with Animas Centre for Coaching, an ICF accredited course, and Positive Intelligence (PQ) with Shirzad Chamine, a lecturer at Stanford University and trainer of the faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools.

Your journey starts with a no obligation free discovery call to see if we are a good fit and to answer any queries you may have. 


Sessions last around an hour.  Depending on your goal, you may be able to feel a shift in just one session, although it usually takes around 3-6.


Why have a coach rather than a counsellor or psychotherapist? I have both. I use my coaching time to explore my goals and manage my limiting beliefs and use my psychotherapist time to manage my negative automatic thought patterns and look at where they have come from. Coaching tends to move forward; counselling tends to focus on the past. The choice between a coach, counsellor, or psychotherapist depends on your specific needs and goals. Each profession has its unique focus and expertise. That said, if I feel you are more suited to a counsellor I will advise you to speak to your GP. 

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Thank you to my clients for these testimonials.
More are available on my LinkedIn page.  

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For the last couple of years I've felt my confidence at work decline, with no real understanding of why and what I could do to stop it. Working with Emma she helped me look at when my confidence was high, what changed and the impact those changes had on me. Working with Emma was like flipping a switch, understanding the sequence of events that started to corrode my confidence has given me the ability to step away and put some tools in place to reframe and get back to a more confident way of working. I'm pretty astounded on the change in how I feel so quickly and I am incredibly thankful to Emma for her time and patience in helping me address this.


I've recently completed 3 coaching sessions with Emma and have been really pleased with her support for me which has helped me with personal reflections in my professional and personal life. Emma has helped me to think through the reasons behind some of my thoughts and fears, and given me some strategies to take forward in every day life aswell as at work. I’m hoping to continue with Emma to build my skills and confidence further. 
I’d really recommend coaching to anyone no matter what stage of your career. Emma has a great personable style and is very easy to talk too which is so important on the coaching relationship. Don’t hesitate to take the step! 


Emma was professional and personable, picking up on issues I needed to address, and giving me support to start, follow through and complete work to action those issues. She was able to put into clear language my options (which I had brain dumped on her!) so I could clarify how I could help myself through a period of unemployment and helped me with self confidence to try a different path.



Emma is a wonderful coach;

I quickly felt at ease and I was really impressed with how much we covered in our sessions. I would highly recommend her as a coach

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