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Peri & Menopause training

Having  recently completed the Newson clinic 'Confidence in the menopause' CPD training course.  I provide a 1-2 hour lunch and learn, or one off webinar, for your team. I'd recommend this for both male and female team members however, I find an all female group tends to have more open conversations.

For more information on my own menopause story 

read here


I am a Dyslexic thinker and have a 'Neurospicy' family (with a mixture of autism and ADHD)

Along with 50 + years of lived in experience.  I have recently completing a CPD course on 'Coaching in Neurodiversity'.  I offer webinars, lunch and learns or 1:1 coaching for either neurodivergent employees and/or their managers.

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