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What is a Wellbeing Strategy and why have one?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Until a year ago only 37% of the private sector had a Wellbeing Strategy. I’m often asked what does one involve.

Here is the simple 6 step approach I take:

  1. Assess - What are you currently doing to help the wellbeing of your team? Do you have an Employment Assistance Programme, is it used? Do you use engagement surveys?

  2. 1:1’s - I ask the team; how they are doing, where are they working; home/office ( I use this opportunity for DSE and workstation check) I introduce Wellness Action Plan’s (a great tool to start wellbeing dialogue) Finally I ask for feedback they’d like to give to the business - openly or anonymously.

  3. Discover - A pulse survey is sent which includes wellbeing and employee engagement questions. I then compile the findings and we discuss the strategy.

  4. Form - Volunteers are recruited from each department to form a Wellbeing Team. Wellbeing initiatives are chosen they could be; wellbeing talks, starting a food or book club or a physical team challenge.

  5. Write - The above forms the basis of the strategy.

  6. Evaluate - Every 6 months I carry out 1:1’s, pulse surveys and a report, assess the findings, tweak and carry on.

You probably have a Health & Safety Policy for your business. Ask yourself how much of that is ‘health’ and how much of that is ‘safety’. Other than the obvious benefits of having a Wellbeing Strategy don’t underestimate the importance potential new recruits are now placing on companies having one in place.

However, for your team to take this strategy seriously, not just view it as another HR document to file, they will want to see real change being made from all levels. The senior management teams will also need to demonstrate new ways of working to ensure their influences and behaviors are helping to create a culture for improvement.

Looking after your teams' wellbeing is not rocket science. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a masters in psychotherapy before you can approach this crucial subject.

If you’d like me to help write and deliver your Wellbeing Strategy do get in touch.

CIPD Health and Wellbeing at work report April 2021

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